1. Spend time with your family

Do they still remember how you look like? When was the last time you`ve shared something personal with your parents? Maybe coming Easter is a good moment to catch your breath, slow down and spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest

family-guy-griffins-dinner-616x252 (1)

2. Explore your creative side

Easter is all about decorations, creativity, making up games and eating chocolate. The last one, by the way, can also stimulate some creative thinking – our brain works very well on sugar…


3. Go on an egg hunt

Too tacky? Well, it is up to you to make it more fun, especially if you have some little cousins around. An upgraded egg hunt can be anything from looking for glowing eggs in the twilight to stepping up the hiding game a notch and making everybody spend a little while looking for the eggs…

egg hunt

4. Visit a botanic garden

If you haven`t noticed yet: spring is here. You can feel it in the air, you can hear it in the streets and fields where even the ugliest avian representatives (that unlike nightingales were never meant to sing) try their luck and sing their terrifying love songs… Botanic garden is the place to go to and really let it sink into your head: nature woke up and everything and everybody is celebrating life. Are you?


5. Paint eggs

Egg decorating is one old and beautiful tradition that can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt and Persia. This art is fine and requires some skills, patience and training. You do not have to take it too seriously. In the end of the day it is just about having fun, trying something new and seeing the result of your work.

Egg decoration

6. Enjoy your Easter break by forgetting about your work

Just forget about work. Let your brain recharge. You`ll be surprised about how much better (and calmer) you will be when you go back to school or work.

no stress

7. Renew your wardrobe

It is getting warmer, everybody is stepping their game up. It`s time to check the fashion magazine, get rid of some old stuff. Yes, yes, it`s about time to say goodbye to those shapeless high school pants that have seen some better times. Yes, yes, that old shirt you bought 10 years ago still fits… But maybe it shouldn`t?


8. Sit in the garden and get some color on your pale body

Of course, do not forget to use some sunscreen.


9. Go on a picnic

It`s about time to open the season. Don`t forget some nice snacks and friendly company.


10. Take it easy

Take your time to enjoy what you see and experience. Life is not about getting from A to B. Life is about the journey. Make sure you enjoy this Easter break and come back to school recharged and happy.