1. Get brutal. Start a water balloon fight with your friends

Too childish? Maybe. The point is that you have to relax and not take things too seriously this summer. You have a whole year ahead of you for that.

water balloon

2. Learn making a (non-alcoholic) cocktail

… to impress your bestie, have a cocktail party or simply treat yourself on a hot summer day.


3. Take your loved one on a romantic surprise picnic

Just the two of you, a forest or a suburb park, home made sandwiches and birds singing. This is a nice way to show your loved one you care and have some quality time together.


4. Give back. Volunteer or do something to your community

There are so many ways to give back: volunteer in a soup kitchen, adopt a stray kitten, donate money to a children charity. Give it a try – giving back feels really good.


5. Find a new hobby

Just don`t get too involved in it :)

A new hobby?

6. Find yourself an internship of your dreams

I know, summer is supposed to be about fun, relaxation and traveling. But it would not hurt to make some plans for your future career. Finding the right internship can be both, useful and satisfying.


7. Go on a road trip

Even if you can not afford a trip to Bali, a road trip in your native state can be tons of fun. It is a good way to discover great places and meet new people.

road trip

8. Looks transformation: try a new haircut

Whether it is a big or a small transformation, we are scared of changes. Do something risky this summer – something to remember. And if you do not like your new haircut, well, we promise, your hair will grow back.


9. Relax and re-charge: you have a long study year ahead of you


10. Fall in love

If you are already in love with somebody, it still applies to you. Fall in love with a new country, book, film.