Just think about it for a moment: what if you could do your boring homework with a Hollywood Star? Whom would you choose for? Why? Would you go for somebody sexy or for somebody smart who can actually help? Here is how my list would look like:

1. Homework friendly Morgan Freeman: explaining things and earning freckles

You think they made it all up in South Park about Morgan Freeman showing up whenever a proper explanation is needed? Well, think again. Every time there is this dramatic moment in the movie, Morgan goes ahead and breaks it down for us. Ok, ok, maybe the freckle stuff IS fake. But I have a feeling that choosing Mr. Freeman as a partner for doing homework = going for an easy ride. I would count on my paper getting a high score if Morgan is involved.


2. Kaley Cuoco: explaining nothing but supercute

My safe bet would be that neither of them, Kaley herself or her BBT character Penny, would be much help working on the assignments. Even though the new-8th-season Penny changed her ways as well as the haircut, I still doubt her academic talents. But she is super cute and sexy: Kaley, please, help me do my homework!


3. Kevin Spacey: cunning, creepy and talented

I can`t wait for the new episode of House of Cards to come out. It captivated my will, my imagination and I really look forward to the next season. If I came home and found Kevin Spacey sitting on my sofa, I would forget about my homework… I would ask him which crime is Frank Underwood going to commit next.

House of Cards

4. Jim Belushi: if he comes with his dog

First of all, I love dogs just as much as I hate doing homework. Another thing: there is always somebody smart in your life, there can also be somebody who likes giving advice. But time from time we need a person who can simply make us laugh. And if Belushi can`t – what a gloomy world do we live in.


Disclaimer: I don`t think James or Jerry Lee still look like that :-(

5. Clare Danes: Homeland is back!

Why Carrie… I mean, Clare? Because people as talented as her are usually good at everything they do. So I would expect her to finish up my Research Proposal in two hours. If I could ask Clare about something, it would be: – How do you do this? How can you act so naturally and insane? Have you become a little bit crazy after playing Carrie?

Homeland Season 4

6. Ken Cheong: M.D.

Do you remember this completely cuckoo Cheng from community? Could you imagine, the guy playing this character, Ken Cheong, graduated from Duke University and holds a medical degree? Me neither. The fact is he practiced medicine for years and was a licensed physician in California. A MUST movie star to help with your homework! Cheng-cheng-cheng.

Ken Jeong

7. Brad Pitt: just because he is Brad Pitt

Do I really have to explain why? Good, glad we are on the same page.

Brad Pitt

8. Angelina Jolie: sexy and an example to follow

She is a beautiful and courageous woman. And since Pitt is here anyway, let`s make sure his sweetheart doesn`t have to stay home alone all night. Angelina Jolie followed some theater classes and probably is not going to be much help in academia, but we can forgive her anything because of her amazing looks and kind heart.

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

9. Somerhalder: blue eyes, great smile

Ian: I saw his picture in last Cosmo, my best friend thinks he has the most beautiful blue eyes after Elijah Wood, he is big on charities and cleaning oil spills. Just imagining Somerhalder washing up poor, oil-greased penguins makes me feel better about humanity.

Ian Somerhalder


So, whom would you do your homework with? :-)