Let`s make sure we are on the same page: looks matter. In fact, looks matter a lot. And our clothing is a big part of it. The way you dress communicates a lot of information to the rest of the world: how old you are, how old you think you are, what kind of job you have, subculture you belong to, how much your parents make, where does your nanna live… OK, maybe your dress does not tell EVERYTHING about you but it sure tells a lot. So let`s quickly go through a list of 10 must-have clothing items that help you create multiple stylish and awesome college looks.

1. Skinny jeans

This is the thing about skinny jeans – they fit Miley Cyrus and they fit you. This is one of those irreplaceable and multi-purpose items you got to have in your wardrobe. Mix them with a t-shirt, leather jacket and boots for a stylish look. Or wear them with your blazer for a more official occasion (exam, job interview, etc.). You can also go for jeans type of leggings.


2. Perfect blazer

This feels like a ticket into the “adult world”. This is up to you if you want to have it or not, but if you are planning to make a good career – you better have a blazer in your wardrobe. You can create all kinds of sophisticated looks with it by mixing formal and casual style items. Don`t get scared, it does not have to be a formal navy blue or black one. Go for a trendy flower print blazer. You do not have to go to an extreme like Lady Gaga, but a nice blazer can really spice up your college look!


3. Multipurpose skirt

What I mean by it is simply a skirt that depending on the rest of the look can either be classified as a casual (girl`s night out) or a formal (math class) one. Skirt is one of those wardrobe essentials that make your life easier and getting-ready-to-go time shorter.


4. Universal white or black shirts

This is your fast solution to a formal meeting, job interview or simply a walk in the park. Very casual simple and stylish. Tip: also a perfect canvas to showcase your cool accessorize.

5. Romantic dress

School and work are important but so is dating. And a little romantic dress is an all times solution to the what-to-wear-on-a-date problem. Easy, cute, girly. Too sweet for you? Spicy it up with a pair of heavy boots and a leather jacket. Not very original or new but still looks cool.


6. Comfy flats

I don`t think I have to explain this one.

7. Painful & pretty heels

This is what the high heel shoes are: painful and beautiful. I was always amazed by how Carrie from Sex and the City was running around NY in her cute stilettos. Personally I find that walking up the hill makes it a bit less painful and unstable. But I guess this can not be a permanent solution. A sound advice would be: buy quality shoes that do not cripple your feet and practice, practice, practice.

Sarah Jessica Parker on Location, Running through Snow, New York City

8. Leather jacket (or cardigan)

Whatever you like more. Or both of them. They are casual, stylish, always handy.

9. Basic v-neck shirt collection

It`s called basic not because it is so primitive, but rather because it is a foundation of your wardrobe. You can wear it with almost every item we discuss here. A truly universal piece. Must have.

10. Accessories

The devil dwells in the detail. I don`t know about the devil, but a personal style definitely does. How you choose and use your accessories pretty much shows how comfortable/confident you are with your style. How well you know fashion. How much you care/don`t care about it. And it does not have to be a diamond tiara: a funny ring from a flea market or your grandmother`s antique earrings can sometimes tell more about you than your whole wardrobe.