1.In 2015 I will ALWAYS have enough sleep

This is one of those promises we always make and never keep. Average person always has something better to do than care about a regular (and healthy) sleep regime. Besides why should anybody under 50 seriously consider caring about their sleep? Numerous studies have demonstrated a negative effect of sleep deprivation on our health, fitness, cognitive abilities and mood. We are all different as far as our sleeping habits (some of us are fine with 6 hours of sleeping while others need 9) but figuring out your optimal sleeping routine and sticking to it might be a good investment into 2015 and most likely into your whole life, health and career.

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2.I`m going to find an internship

Some of us start making these plans as early as the first year of college. But somehow there are always tons of other important things to do that seem to be more urgent than finding the right internship. Don`t let this resolution go to waste. Start thinking about your next career step right now. Come up with a little plan of how you would like to approach this challenge and go for it. Here is a nice resource with some internship options to take a look at (as well as some practical tips for your motivation letter and internship interviews).

3.I`m going to lose weight

This is one of those widespread mantras of the 21st century. The problem with this New Year resolution is that it is absolutely unspecific. Unspecific in this case equals unrealistic. By promising something vague and ambitious like this you are heading towards a major disappointment with your own self. A much healthier and realistic resolution would sound like “I am going to start working out 3 times a week and will lose 4 pounds in 3 months”. Basically you are defining a specific goal (lose 4 pounds), time frame (3 months) and the means to get there (working out 3 times a week). This new resolution is way easier to quantify, stick to and finally – enjoy and be proud of yourself.

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4.I will stop working on my assignments last minute

To be honest I do not believe in this one myself. I do not think a human being can avoid failing at this one. If one of your classmates can accomplish this – he or she has come from Mars. Maybe this is how they do it there.

5.Upgrade your wardrobe

Do you sometimes have this feeling that everything around is changing? Everything but your style? Do you sometimes feel like your teenage clothing has somehow made its way to your college wardrobe? If you ever wonder like that – you`ve got to upgrade your wardrobe. And I have a feeling, 2015 is the perfect moment to do it ;-)

upgrade you

6.Start working out and going to the gym

Exercising stimulates the release of happiness hormones – endorphins. This is why working out is good not only for your body but for your mood. Just like in case of the “lose weight resolution” you have to be realistic and specific. Keep in mind that doing sports is addictive – it is hard to start and get into your rhythm, but once you got it – it is very difficult to stop


7.I`m going to eat healthy

Eating healthy does not mean eating salad and carrots all day long. It is more about finding the right diet that keeps you healthy, fit and HAPPY. It might involve some sacrificing however it does not mean saying “no” to all your favorite foods and snacks… For me healthy eating means finding a perfect balance between eating junk food all day long and feeding upon raw carrots while feeling healthy and happy.

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8.I will keep (and follow) a to-do list, organize and prioritize

This New Year resolution does not work out most of the time because it is too epic. Somehow it sounds like changing who you are and this might not be a good idea. Nobody can change overnight and its fine. It is much more effective and wise to plan little step by step changes. For example, buying an agenda and filling in all your appointments would be a nice and specific step to succeed in fulfilling your New Year resolution!

9.Make a monthly budget

This is the resolution I make every year and honestly follow it myself. Until… something unexpected happens – a visit to the dentist or a broken smartphone. I guess planning an emergency savings account is also part of developing one`s monthly budget. But oh, well..

10.I`m not going to miss morning classes

I know, I know – who does that? Still regularly going to classes, particularly those nice early morning ones, is something that would make your college life easier. But who is looking for an easy way, right?

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