What can be cuter than pets? Even pictures of these little adorable creatures can brighten our mood and make us smile. They can also be very inspiring. Have you had those moments when nothing seems more boring than the assigned readings? Well, here are pictures of our intelligent companions that look very interested in their books to inspire you.

1. Tolkien fan

2. True strategist

3. I read Murakami, what about you?

4. Let me turn the page for you

5. You are not gonna believe what I’ve read!

6. I am gonna kill that mocking bird

7.  Knowledge is power!

8. Just a dozen books more, and I am ready for that exam!

9.  Big Brother is watching you!

10. So happy with my new e-reader!

11. It’s always more fun when I can discuss what I read with a friend

12. Even in the 15th century cat loved books!


Have a nice day and enjoy your book!