New Year is that special time when I have really high hopes and expectations of myself. I tell myself: – Well, last year has been a mess but this year everything will be different. I will learn to multitask, combine studies and personal life, will start reading more, will change my clothing style, win a Nobel Prize, and so on. I do not think half of these things will come true. Partially because they are unrealistic, partially because it is hard to change who you are. However I do want to share a specific plan I have to read more this year. Here is a 2015 to-read list you can relate to. These novels are either about young people or searching for yourself, changes one has to go through before they understand who they are. I promise – all of the readings are great conversations pieces, so you will have something to talk about with people keen on literature or will be able to make a good impression in your English class. I chose three novels to describe the plot a little bit; as for the rest – feel free to share what you think of them.

1. Lord of the Flies

The story is very simple – a group of boys survives an atomic bomb explosion, however their aircraft is shot in the middle of the ocean. They find themselves on a remote island populated by wild pigs and … The Beastie. Despite all the fruits and meat present on the warm paradise island the boys fail to create a happy community. Does not take long before children go back to savagery and The Beastie shows up. Do not be mislead by a simple plot, Lord of the Flies is one of the deepest analyses of the human soul and psychology. The Beastie is a creature that sits inside each one of us and is waiting for its moment to come out.

Lord of the Flies

2. The Catcher in the Rye

All time classics. Apparently, the ever-popular novel has inspired a lot of people to get a thematic tattoo. Whether you are into modifying your body or not, you should read The Catcher. The novel is about being young, trying to find your own way in life and re-evaluating old systems and beliefs.

The Catcher in the Rye

3. Adrian Mole: The Wilderness Years

This is one of the books by Sue Townsend (The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾ being the most famous one of them) that tells a story of a troublesome young man. He sees himself as a misunderstood intellectual and can not figure out why can`t the rest of the world see it. “The Wilderness Years” tell about early twenties of Adrian`s life, the period when he drops his studies, finds the job he hates with all his hart (saving endangered toads in England) and blindly follow the sexy love of his life – Pandora. Pandora does not really care for self-declared intellectuals, instead she marries a rich kid, has a fling with an Oxford professor and starts her political career. Adrian`s sufferings continue…

Adrian Mole

4. The Hunger Games series

Hunger Games to-read list

5. One Hundred Years of Solitude


6. The Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis Kafka

7. The Complete Tales and Poems by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

8. The Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy


9. A Clockwork Orange

Clockwork Orange

10. Frankenstein