Every student needs sources of inspiration and motivation. They help you move forward, provide drive and energy to achieve new goals, and give you strength when you feel exhausted. You may find inspiration in books, movies, talks with friends or family. You may be inspired by famous people or unusual stories.

Some speeches may be an excellent source of inspiration. Many students feel unsure of their talents, career prospects, and the future ahead of them. If you can relate to those feelings (or just would like to enjoy several great talks), watch these 3 speeches about creativity, talents and importance of choices that will definitely inspire you.

1. Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity 


You might have already heard about TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talks. Probably, you even watched some. They are famous for interesting ideas, unusual insights and inspiring stories. No wonder that TED talks have been watched more than one billion times worldwide.

This TED talk is a touching video about creativity, education and multiple types of smartness. The author of this video argues that ALL kids are talented and intelligent. We may feel skeptical about that claim. I bet there was a girl or a boy in your class who usually failed tests and could hardly express her/his thoughts in an understandable manner. So are they also smart? Sir Ken Robinson believes so. He argues that there are different types of intelligence. Not everyone can shine at maths or languages. However, a kid may excel at something else, like arts or sports. All people are naturally endowed. Unfortunately, it may be challenging to discover and nurture that talent. Are you sure you have already found yours?

2. Jeff Bezos: What matters more than your talents

Let’s assume for a second that you have not been persuaded by the previous video about talents and intelligence. If we all are smart and talented (everyone in their own way), why some of us are winners and some fail miserably? What makes the difference? Founder and the CEO of Amazon.com, Jeff Bezos, believes that talents are not everything. Eventually, your choices will determine who you are. Life is all about trade-offs, and sometimes the right path is the most difficult to follow.

3. Steve Jobs: How to live before you die

This is a very famous commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs at Stanford University in 2005. It makes sense to listen to it after Bezos’s speech because they share the same idea: you have to follow your heart when you make important choices. You cannot create anything new or original if you are afraid of taking chances.

In three very personal stories (about connecting dots, about love and loss, and, finally, about death), Steve Jobs shared his memories and gave guidance to graduates, who hoped to become leaders and innovators of tomorrow.