Now self-education is easier than ever before. Anyone, who has Internet access, can benefit from the excellent educational resources. I do not refer to Wikipedia here (even though Wikipedia is absolutely amazing, there is doubt about that). Of course, we can google anything if we want to read about that. However, you can enjoy many other online activities in order to improve your education.

1. Attend lectures online


Some prestigious universities, such as MIT, Yale or Stanford, provide materials for many courses online free of charge. So if you are not one of those lucky people that attend Yale, you can still check out their “Introduction to Psychology” or “African American History: From Emancipation to the Present”, as well dozens of other courses. A well-structured course pack may be a great guide to a new subject.

2.Learn languages online


Learning a new language is no longer about cramming. Interactive websites, such as Babbel, make it fun. In addition to that, you can chat to native speakers around the globe using sites like Livemocha for language ethusiasts.

3.Read books online


Join online libraries, such as Library Genesis, and enjoy reading new books.

4.Watch educational videos online


There are many sites that prepare simple and entertaining videos that explain different concepts. A good example is WatchKnowLearn site – For your convenience, they divided all videos into many subcategories. Do you know why Israel and Palestine are fighting? Do you know what are oldest living creatures? 
Watch and find out!

5. Participle in forums


Interacting with other people and exchanging opinions are still one of the most effective ways to learn. Try to find similar-minded people in one of thousands online forums. It is always more fun to discover new things together!

No matter what you do, we wish you good luck in your personal development!