It is getting close! It is almost 31st of October. Have you already decided what you should be for Halloween? If not, here are some great and horrible ideas for you of how to attract some attention at the upcoming Halloween party.

1. Game of Thrones (we-are-waiting-for-the-next-season) Halloween costume

Are you a big fan of Tyrion Lannister and have to keep your fingers crossed while watching the new episodes in hopes the little brave man does not get slaughtered? Have you always dreamed of having a tamed dragon of your own like Daenerys Targaryen? If so, and if you can`t wait till the 5th season of the legendary show comes out, treat yourself to a Halloween Game of Thrones costume. You can get a Daenerys Qarth costume for around 60$, or just a Joffery Baratheon Crown for only 9.99$


It is funny, sweet and cute. However unless you actually are a little princess, do not dress like one. Embrace your age instead. Besides, every 5-year-old-girl is going to be your competition because they have all watched the cartoon and still love it. And those 5-year-olds know how to compete these days.

Halloween Costume Frozen

3. Batman/ Superman/ Catwoman

This is your safe bet: you will be recognizable, appropriate and will have no problem finding a little group of likeminded batmen or catwomen chatting quietly somewhere in the corner of the bar. Yes, I`m sorry, you will not be the only Superman at the Halloween party. But who cares? Like there is not enough work for a couple of superheroes in this cruel world.
For a little over 40$ you can be a muscled dude with a cute mask and wear your underwear on top of the tights all night long.

Batman Halloween Costume

4. Be your creative self

You don`t really have to be a Batman or Nicky Minaj performing Anaconda, or a little princess from Frozen. You can just be yourself and be humorous. Bad news: you will have to sit down and do some brainstorming of course. And afterwards – become a Martha Stewart for an hour or two to create the costume you`ve come up with. Good news: the result of this cognitive effort would probably be a unique outfit that nobody else has. The choice is yours.


5. Do not be Robin Williams

Many people loved and still love his talent. It is just too early and the world is not ready to accept the loss. Even though a walking Mrs. Doubtfire would cause some joyful giggles (particularly later at night when alcohol kicks in), think twice, be sensitive and go for something less insulting to other people`s feelings.

Mrs. Doubtfire