Last weeks of the term are intense, and you must be very busy now delivering all the assignments and presentations, passing tests and so on. However, don’t forget that Christmas holidays are coming soon. Therefore, it’s high time you planned your vacation, booked tickets and got ready to escape somewhere for several days. Don’t know where to go? We found several magical places that will turn your winter holidays into a little fairytale.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik has a very special festive atmosphere.  Here you can enjoy such interesting tourist entertainments as whale watching, snowmobiling and bath in warm geothermal waters (check out Blue Lagoon). If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see the Northern Lights. Don’t forget to bring warm clothes and shoes with you – Iceland is a cold country (as its name suggests).

2. Trømso, Norway


Trømso is another enchanting place, where you can see those famous and beautiful Northern Lights. It is very dark there: the sun does not rise in Trømso in December because of the polar night. However, this is precisely the reason why the Northern Lights shine so bright there. There are numerous trips offered (dog sled, boat, snowmobile and reindeer sleigh) in all the directions from the town. Somewhere there, in the silence, surrounded by white snow with colorful lights piercing the night above you, you will experience the true beauty of the North.

3. Dubai, the UAE


If you do not like snow and frost, Dubai may offer you a warm welcome. Here you can enjoy the sun, sea and numerous interesting touristy activities (from safari in the desert to skiing in the huge indoor ski resort). Indeed, this city can please even the most demanding tourist. Dubai is a shopping heaven, so be careful: it may be very tempting to spend all your money on those lucrative Christmas offers.

4. Vienna, Austria


Vienna is a fascinating place to see at any time of the year. However, the Christmas atmosphere makes this place especially enchanting. The main tourist attraction during this period is, of course, the Viennese Christmas Market, which is held in the large square in front of City Hall. There are also several Christmas villages, where you can find charming handicraft and explore Vienese customs and traditions.

5. Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is famous for its beautiful historical attractions, beautiful squares and pedestrian areas. In December, with all the decorations and stunning Christmas markets, it turns into a true winter wonderland. The opera- and ballet-lovers will be delighted with the range of performances offered. If you are travelling with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you may be interested in a romantic boat tour.