Students are often very busy. All those classes, assignments, part-time jobs, internships, parties… A lot of things to do! It is a tricky task to keep in touch with old friends and family while studying abroad or even living in the different city. However, now it is much easier than it used to be. Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, fb and cell phones unite people, and distance doesn’t matter much anymore. Yes, it may get more difficult to find common topics to discuss. Naturally, interests change and largely depend on where one lives and what he/she does. In the end, it may seem to you that making calls is more of a chore than a pleasant activity. Do not give in to this feeling! You should call your friends and family often because…

1.You will make your family much happier

Your parents do care about you. Are you sure they know that you care about them? When was the last time you talked to your mom? Do you know what she was doing lately, what movies she was watching? How is the health of your grandparents, and when was the last time you asked?



2.You will not feel awkward during the family reunions

If you are good at keeping touch with your relatives, you will know who is pregnant, who got divorced or married, who bought a new car and what your uncle wants to get for his BDay. Plenty of things to discuss during the family reunions. No more awkward silence!


3. Your old friends will not forget about you

Do you hope that you will just show up at your friend’s door after ignoring him for several months, and it’s gonna be fine? That will hardly work. Once I had an old friend, whom I didn’t call for weeks. She wrote me several messages but I often was too busy to reply. In the end, she wrote me, “Hi, btw, in case you forgot, I am still alive.” I was embarrassed. I called her, apologized and promised to learn to be better at keeping in touch. Years passed but we are still good friends, and I am very happy about that. Sometimes one call/message can save a friendship.

4.You will not feel a stranger in your own hometown

Have it ever happened to you that you cannot find anyone to go out with in your hometown when you come back home for holidays? Your old friends have forgotten how you look like because you have not talked to them for ages? Well, you know what to do to prevent such a sad scenario.

5.You will feel like a good person

Sleep well and have a clean conscience knowing you’re a good daughter/son and a caring friend!

So, go call somebody you care about! Remember: we can always find time for those we love.