There are probably these classes that you simply don`t like: maybe you find them too boring or too complicated, maybe your professor is a bitter old man. Could be that you simply have other things on your mind and do not pay enough attention. However midterms are here and it makes you feel like you could maybe put a little extra effort and get a higher grade in your classes.

Here we describe 6 unbelievably easy ways to increase your grade. All you need to do is make them your habit. And get ready to for A`s and B`s.

1. Show up in class. Regularly

Believe it or not, but just the fact that your professor can say “I`ve seen this face before” when running into you on the stairs, will significantly increase your chance of getting a higher grade at your oral exam or presentation. Most teachers preach a very simple doctrine: a person who cares to show up in class and listen to the lectures will eventually absorb some information even if that is against their will.

I wish I knew it when I was taking my Math class. All my classmates who took their time to go to the lecture every Thursday morning got B`s and A`s. I never bothered to show up and got a C…


2. Ask questions

Why? I don`t know. But professors just love it for some reason. Maybe they feel like they are actually having a dialogue with the audience and are not talking to themselves and going crazy. Maybe they are addicted to the student questions just like your girlfriend is to the phrase “How was your day?”. Doesn`t cost you too much time or money, show you care.

Remember: your professor would love to hear a question from you. Make this your habit: ask one question per lecture and you will be surprised to learn that you have a reputation of a “young person who thinks”.

And don`t forget to ask your girlfriend about her day, too.


3.Take pride in your answers

Own them. I am not encouraging you to go ahead and say complete nonsense with an arrogant look. But it always helps to present your answers with a certain degree of confidence. Show some attitude and don`t be afraid to stand your grounds. Your professor and classmates will be impressed by your personal opinion.

You just gotta own it!

4.Take initiative

Does your professor like to ask questions in the middle of the class? Does he or she try to engage students in the fruitful discussion? Accept the challenge and answer the question. Are you shy or not fast enough? Make sure you come with a big mug of coffee, fully awake and eager to debate. Don`t be afraid to give a wrong answer. The professor is most likely looking for your opinion and interaction. The advantage of taking this kind of initiative is:

  • - once again, this will make your face and name recognizable;
  • - will create a reputation of an opinionated and active student.

goldfish jumping out of the water

5.Listen to your professor

Believe it or not, part of the answer to the assignment question is already in the question itself. Try to understand what your supervisor wants from you: the topic, formatting, page number. Do not start working on the assignment before you fully understand and have all the requirements.

Try to anticipate what does professor want to hear? Is he an old Republican or a liberal Hippie-in-heart? Would not hurt to tailor your answers a little bit so that the professor hears what he wants to hear.

good listener

6.Train yourself for a battle

Treat your school as a boxing match. To perform good you have to:

  • - exercise (with books and sports gear);
  • - get enough sleep;
  • - balance your diet.

Imagine you are Rocky getting ready for your final battle! Go get `em!