It is about the time you start thinking about your next career step. An internship can help you gain valuable experience, confidence and put your knowledge to a practical test. AssignmentLab has compiled some hand tips by corporate gurus that will help you score your application.

1. Do not state how excellent you are, show it

The recruiters are used to young candidates praising themselves for being “an outstanding student”, “motivated team-player”, “hard-working overachiever”. All young candidates put the same thing on their CV or Cover letter. Calling yourself “the best candidate” will not get you shortlisted. Illustrating this by relevant examples, on the other hand, will.

Internship application

2. Quality and effort

Sometimes, candidates get short listed simply because their Resume and Cover Letter are properly formatted, organized and lacks grammatical or spelling mistakes.


3. Your grades might not be as important as you think…

But the courses you have chosen to take in College and University are! It does not mean you can get all “D” and get the best internship. It simply means, that the choice of course subjects can reflect how professional, goal-oriented and knowledgeable about your future professional field and its demands you really are. Good grades can only show that you are smart and hardworking.


4. Think your application through

Before even writing the first line of your Cover letter, think what the company offering the internship is really looking for. Make sure to tailor BOTH, your CV and Cover letter, to match that profile.


5. Tell a story

Your CV and Cover letter should tell a story about you instead of a list of disconnected (and bizarre) facts. Think of how you want to present yourself, and try to include evidence from your education and community experience that illustrates the traits you are proud of and want to show off.


6. Don`t send one application…

Send many. Don`t get discouraged if one of your applications does not go through. Every time you apply and put effort into looking for your next career step, you gain experience. Don`t get frustrated if you get a rejection letter. Take a deep breath and continue trying.

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