Hangover is the most unpleasant side-effect of the New Year’s Party. It leaves you even more bitter than those 25 texts you’ve sent your ex. Or that one phone call, to which she actually replied. Your New Year’s Party may have been fantastic – you chose all the right drinks, invited all the right people, mixed it all together, and now your head hurts like hell.
We’ve been there too. In fact, we’ve been there so many times that we know for sure what works and what doesn’t. Let’s take a look.
But wait.
Disclaimer. Before you read our recipes and thank us endlessly, beware that the only way to avoid hangover 100% is to avoid drinking. The only effective hangover cure is time and plenty of fluids. Sweat, tears, and water cure it all. Consider yourself warned.

7 Worst Ways to Cure Hangover

pillsPainkillers. Drugs like Aspirin and Ibuprophen are hard on your liver. At times when your body is trying to purge all that fuzzy and bubbly stuff you consumed the night before and ridding itself of all the margaritas and god-knows-what-else, painkillers are going to make it harder. Moreover, they are unlikely to make you feel better.bloody Mary

Hair of the dog or drinking more alcohol. The all-American morning-after solution, the Bloody Mary, that was introduced in 1934 claims to have a lot of antioxidants. Those come from the tomato juice, obviously. And a lot of toxins – from all the vodka in it.

Coca-Cola was another popular solution to hangovers until approximately 1906 when the company removed the cocaine from it. With the narcotic gone, bartenders had to come up with something else. That’s how the “Coke with milk” recipe came along. Apparently, mixing chilled Coke with milk would not only upset your stomach but also cure your hangover.

Rabbit droppings. Yes. You’re reading it right. It’s an old Wild West solution that involved mixing rabbit droppings with hot water and then consuming the mass also called rabbit dung tea. Those cowboys were tough.

Vinegar. A solution that was wildly popular in Victorian times. It involved pouring vinegar down the sufferer’s throat, and then rubbing it into his temples. In Turkey, they make a special hangover soup – iskembe corbasi  – that has a vinegar base and an egg yolk.duckling

Bull’s penis is a Sicilian way to treat hangover. Sicilians believed that a dried bull’s penis is the best snack after a night of heavy drinking.

Duck embryos and other birds.
On the Philippines, hangover sufferers are advised to swallow a duck embryo – yes, beak included. Ancient Romans used a deep-fried whole canary or drank two owl’s eggs for the same purposes.

4 Proven Ways to Cure Hangover

Drink moglass_of_waterre water. Alcohol is poison, and your body needs to flush it out. Instead of loading on water the morning after, an even better way would be to drink water the night before, alternating your alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic ones.

Eat a good meal. Again, start eating before you start drinking. Food closes the stomachealthy_mealh valve thus starting the digestive process and preventing alcohol absorption by the body. Fat and protein-loaded foods that digest slowly would actually help you stay more sober and ease your pains the next day.

Coffee. Drink a small amount of coffee to boost your metabolism so that your body relieves toxins faster.

Aerobic exercise such as taking a walk outside in the fresh air will help eliminate toxins by increasing your heart rate. And don’t forget to take a water bottle along.

Got any other proven hangover solutions? Share them with us!