APPs That Will Help You Succeed in CollegeWhy go through college without the help of your smartphone or ipad? College Apps can help make your life as a student easier, more comfortable, and a whole a lot of fun. If you aren’t on the technology bandwagon yet, you will be soon after this post! Check out our list of the best apps for college students.


1. Benchprep

1. BenchprepAs the name suggests, this top app for college students will help strengthen your brain muscles by giving you a bunch of practice test questions, quizzes, flashcards, and lessons. Whether it’s the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, or that dreaded SAT(s), this app has your back. See here for more.


2. Istudiezpro

2. IstudiezproThis iPad app for college students is a must have. It keeps track of your schedule for you. You can add a course instructor’s name, class details, grades, etc. to this. And if keeping track of deadlines is not your thing, this app will do it for you. What’s cool is that any time a new assignment is due, you will receive a notification.

P.S. it’s available on your iphone and mac as well! Sorry Android users, this hasn’t reached the best android app for college students list yet.


3. StudyBlue

3. StudyBlueThis fully integrated app is your go-to for flashcards. What’s great about this app that it’s existing library has thousands of flashcards already created based on a particular university, subject, and professor. Just search for “ Professor M’s class on Operational Management from Captain University” and if a student has already uploaded flashcards for this professor’s class, you will have them instantly. And where you haven’t found your class, you can create your own flashcards from scratch—and use it on your computer or smartphone. It’s definitely a frontrunner on our list of best college apps.


4. Evernote

4. EvernoteEvernote helps collect all your research, audio recordings, videos, etc. in one place. For example, if you are looking to research “business management theories,” Evernote will help you cut snippets of information related to your research project and collate it to a single “notebook.” Once you are done researching, you open your notebook, and viola, all the relevant research is right there. Whether you want to use it on your laptop or phone, Evernote syncs seamlessly.


5. EasyBib

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you hate citations as much as we do, Easybib will be your best friend. All you have to do is scan a book and enter its title, and you will have an instant citation that you can easily export to a document.


6. Notella

6. NotellaThis minimalist note-taking app is perfect for when last minute assignments are dropped on you. This note-taking app opens a new note by default when you hit it. Note-taking was never easier.


7. DropBox/Google Drive/Icloud

7. DropBoxGod forbid your computer crashes on you right before finals and you lose all the notes you took all year round. This is where having some form of cloud storage is essential. In fact, you could have all three depending on how much data you use. Dropbox and iCloud gives you up to 5gb free while Google Drive gives you 15gb of free space.


8. SelfControl

8. SelfControlIt’s pretty obvious that students find every distraction in the book before deciding to finally just sit down and study. The good thing about this top app for college students is that it blocks their use of certain websites for a set amount of time while studying and thus eliminates the distraction for them.


9. Studious

9. StudiousAre you notorious for getting that dreaded cold stare from you professor every time your phone vibrates? Well, we have a solution for that—Studious is somewhat like the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature on your iPhone that silences your phone during classes. All you are required to do is input your class schedule to the app.


10. Genius Scan

10. Genius ScanGenius scan is a great document-scanning app. You simply take a picture of any file, page, or assignment, and genius scan creates a pdf for you that you can email to yourself. If you are someone who likes to keep a digital copy of everything, this app is perfect. Plus, any last minute financial aid or administrative documents that need to be emailed in can be easily accomplished with this app.


11. Sworkit

11. SworkitNo more excuses for skipping out on the gym. Sworkit creates easy exercises for you to do anywhere. You pick the type of workout you want-strength, cardio etc, insert how long you want to work out for, and Sworkit creates a workout for you. You don’t need any equipment or a gym–just a smartphone and a maybe a towel!


12. Mint

12. MintStaying on a budget in college is hard—there always seems to be a “party” somewhere! That’s where Mint comes in. Mint is your friendly budgeting app that keeps track of all your expenses for you. In fact, anytime your bank charges you a fee or you spend in an insane amount of money on something, Mint notifies you via email and categorizes it as “unusual spending.” You can also keep track of what exactly you are spending the most amount of money on and reassess your budget accordingly.

13. TED

13. TEDLooking for a bit of inspiration? Dreading every single day of college? Well then, invest in TED! We like to refer to TED as a free therapist. TED is a speaker series that has over 1,400 TED talks available online. All you need is a little popcorn and a smartphone or computer to watch some tear-jerking, inspiration videos to get back on track. Check here for some awe-inspiring TED videos.