Everybody likes online tests. Does not really matter if you are somebody who starts their week reading a horoscope, or if you are a PhD student in MIT and your role model is Steven Hawking. First of all, there are thousands of test based on astrology, psychology, magic, coffee drinking habits, bird flying pattern, science and what not. You have to trust one of these, right? Otherwise, what kind of suspicious person are you? Another important point is that we love ourselves. This is how human nature works – we find ourselves important and love talking and learning about our wonderful personalities. So let`s do it – lets learn a little bit more a little bit more about you today. I have tried and reviewed Top 10 Free Online Quizzes that will help you discover your true self!

The Animal in You

That is a common knowledge… Or a scientific fact – I am not really sure. The point is each and every one of us has an animal inside. And now we are lucky enough to have an online tool to find out what kind of animal that is: are you a grumpy porcupine? Or a graceful white heron? Are you a lonely wolf enjoying your chosen solitude or a cunning piranha – a true team player? Find out now!

Online tests

IQ test

IQ (intelligence quotient) is one of the most famous as well as controversial ways to score somebody`s intelligence. Find out if you are a genius (score over 125) or simply a very smart person (< 125). The IQ online test is fun but is designed for a native speaker, so keep in mind you might use a couple of points if English is not your native language.


Rorschach (Inkblot) test

For some reason I find this test the most fascinating of all: somehow the strange ink spots and their shapes have captivated my imagination since the day I`ve first heard about it. I was a teenager and a family friend, a psychiatrist, was explaining how does this test work. Years later, I am still amazed by the idea that a bizarre ink shape can invoke an image of violence and doom. Here you can find the free online version. The real test is just as simple, however the interpretation of the results requires an experience expert opinion. Have fun!

Rorschach test

Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers personality test

This comprehensive test (hello fans of psychology) will help you identify your key personality traits. This will help you better understand your behavior, emotional states, everyday routines you have and even predict the best career choice. Find out who you are right now!

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Zodiac test

Now time for some real science. Let`s see whether astrology does a good job predicting your personality and fate. Are you a moody Libra? Or a solid Taurus? Astrology believes each of the 12 Zodiac signs possess their own distinct personality traits which determine their life path. Still not convinced that distant stars affect your personal matters? Take the test and see for yourself!