There is a number of occasions in your life when you have to deliver a public speech. Even if you haven`t chosen a career in politics or show presenter. The situations may vary: report presentation in high school, thesis defense in college, wedding of your best friend, your own wedding… But your task will be the same: come up and deliver a clear message to a big life audience. We have compiled a number of simple, yet reliable tips for you to boost your public speaking skills (if you have some) or create some (if you are starting from scratch).

Write a cheat-sheet

Make sure you write the whole speech – not a draft, not a plan. The whole speech. You might have a good memory, and maybe you think the speech is very simple and you will be able to remember the whole thing and tell it by heart. In reality you will see a lot of strangers` faces staring at you, panic, and forget your name. Write your speech and take it with you.

Public speaking

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

When there is nobody around, in front of your best (non-judgemental friend), your dog. It will prepare you for the real audience, help you pace your speech properly and help you memorize the text.


Practice, practice, practice

What I mean is use every opportunity to speak in public. The only way to learn public speaking is by doing public speaking. Some people have a natural talent to give speeches, however nobody has ever managed to become a great orator without any practice.


Connect and appeal

Your speech is written, words memorized, you are wearing your best suit. But there is no magic in the air: your audience stays cold and unimpressed. You have to know your audience before you see it. Your words have to appeal to each person who came to listen to you. And don`t forget to watch face expressions of your audience: this is how you can adjust your voice, tempo, or even content, in order to connect to your crowd.