Sun gives life. Without the invisible rays that serve a source of energy for all of the plant life on Earth, we would never exist. Sun takes life away. Any patient with skin cancer would confirm that. Just as much as some of us love sun and use every opportunity to expose their bodies to it, others, more health conscious folks, utilize all sorts of means and behaviors to avoid contact with direct sunlight. Sun is shining so bright outside these days, tempting us to go sunbathing. Therefore we decided to remind you of pleasures and dangers associated with it.

Typical summer tans.

Vitamin D and depression

When exposed to ultraviolet rays, our skin starts synthesizing large amounts of vitamin D. Naturally, not that many foods contain this vitamin, which like most other vitamins can not be stored in our organism for long. Vitamin D deficit leads to various nasty symptoms: inability to absorb Calcium, thinner bones, fatigue and sometimes, even depression. Sun is our natural source of the vitamin D, so don`t be surprised by the fact that you feel much more happy and energetic every spring.

Children getting vitamin D in USSR.

Skin damage

Don`t forget, vitamin D production is not the only effect sun has on our skin. Sun rays easily burn our skin, causing redness, irritation and pain. Sunburns are unpleasant not only because they make you look like a boiled crayfish; they are also one of the possible triggers of skin cancers. Do not forget to use a sunscreen with the appropriate SPF index that suits your type of skin. Btw, do you know what these SPF indexes on your sunscreen stand for? An 15 SPF sunscreen will allow you to stay in the sun for 150 minutes. However keep in mind, that this is approximation depends on your skin type – if you are really fair, you might want to go for a higher index. In case your skin is naturally darker, the index can be adjusted accordingly.

Don`t forget your sunscreen!

Suntan and beauty

Suntan is considered pretty and healthy in some countries and cultures, while others favor lighter skin. This is all a matter of fashion, personal preferences and culture you are surrounded by. Whatever people around you think is pretty, think about your own health.