boost creativityIs creativity the privilege of the talented? Not necessarily: everyone can be creative. Read on the ways of getting more creative in everything you do and choose how to boost your creativity.


Simple tricks that will take less than 10 minutes

  • Try listening to music. It activates emotions and releases creativity. Mozart and other classical music are highly recommended.
  • Look at green or blue objects: this releases creativity through welcoming associations with the color of the sky and sea or plant kingdom.
  • Move your body! Gestures with two hands, moving eyes back and forth and writing by hand instead of typing are effective motion functions to stimulate creativity. Some experts think that left-handed people are more creative, with the control of the left hand coming from the right brain hemisphere, which is considered more creative. So, if you are naturally right-handed – switch to doing things with your left hand for a while.
  • Lie down for a while, especially if you’ve been sitting all day. This appealing position has been found to boost creative efforts needed for solving anagrams. Why not try it to boost your creativity?
  • Doing yoga enhances creativity, with some poses like the Child’s Pose or Pigeon’s Pose believed to be particularly helpful. Physical stretching helps the mind to feel more fresh and creative.
  • Meditate – it is recommended as a way of taking your mind off the pestering issues and releasing its creativity by removing the obstacles that impede its natural flow.
  • Feel positive about your efforts of becoming more creative. Find things to laugh at and try to keep up a positive mood. People who can do it activate the brain areas related to decision making and emotions. No need to be broken down with the efforts of getting more creative on the spot.

Fire the spark by sharing yourself with others

Being creative means sharing yourself with others

• Get social and share opinions. It can be a good start to finding new ideas and seeing things in the new way. Communicate with your co-workers and find those who can enhance your creativity be sharing their ideas with you.
• Stay outside more and always watch what is going on around you. Curiosity and creativity go hand in hand. Stay hungry for new impressions.
• Communicate with sharp-witted and sarcastic people, and don’t confuse “sarcastic” with “mean”. By listening to prompt and witty replies one learns to see problems in a more creative perspective. These people are not afraid of formulating ideas in a non-traditional way. Remember the saying that it is better to lose with a wise man than to win with a fool. Try to double your benefit by winning with a wise one.

Think big: Long-term strategies and attitudes to adopt

Being creative means changing how you think. Hard-wire your brain to think out of the box by adopting simple techniques and strategies. They may turn out to be not as challenging as you feared them to be.

  • Do old things the new way. Try new approaches to standard things and practices. Change your hair style or take a new route to work. Try brushing your teeth while standing on your right foot. Such innovations release hidden creativity and add fun to daily routine. Novelty seeking can become a rewarding experience when practiced wisely.
  • Organize a creativity corner or creativity chest to keep things related to previous projects, inspiring and helpful tips, cards or quotes. As you do more creative things, store them in your chest. Don’t forget to open it every once in a while to find inspiration.
  • Play games! These can be based on activating vocabulary: open the dictionary on a random page and pick up a random word from it. Next, develop your associations and write down all the words and phrases the word prompts you to think of. Try making the task more challenging by limiting the time for completing it. Also, try writing down sentences instead of just phrases and words. You won’t even notice how this exercise will help you improve your vocabulary.
  • Change your perspective. Thinking about things that are far away has been shown to facilitate the ability of thinking more creatively. The human mind changes perspective and becomes more flexible. It is also useful to think about events of the past or future, or phenomena outside our daily work and routine (that’s why it’s useful to read those sci-fi books). Exercise your fantasy. Check how far your imagination can go and try to extend its boundaries. Some computer games may come in handy for triggering this activity. Reading the featured article on Wikipedia may help change your way of thinking as well.
  • Brainstorm. Creativity is simply a new way of doing things. Focus your mind on developing new approaches to solving problems and ways of doing things. Start with rethinking labels. Practice picking up an object or a process and breaking it into parts (so that a book becomes the cover and pages). Such a “generic-parts technique” has been found to enhance creative thinking by training the analytical operations.
  • Travel. If you can afford new experiences by travelling, have no doubts about visiting a foreign country or a new place. If this is not realistic, try to get new impressions in the places that are closer to you. Stay tuned to looking for novelties, and you fill find them. They are great for triggering the hidden sources of creativity.

Use your own ideas on how to boost creativity. Remember that Steve Jobs defined creativity as “just connecting things”. Enrich your experience by making the right connections.