The OWL Writing Lab

This is your destination in case you have any questions related to formatting of your paper. Not sure how to cite sources in APA style? Hesitate whether you have to indicate a page number in your MLA in-text citation? You have to check out their website for any technical detail like that. However The OWL source does offer more. You can get a very practical advice on how to approach some very specific kinds of essays: a discussion on poetry, scientific writing, etc. The OWL lab can also help you answer some very strategic questions prior to writing anything: analysis of your audience, approaching the bulk of literature.


The Brainstormer

A very simple app developed to help you fight writer`s block. The Brainstormer features 3 independently spinning wheels representing 3 pillars of your future brilliant essay: a) conflict; b) theme; c) location. Roll the dice, spin the wheels and come up with the most creative and insane ideas for your essay. Negative sides: it is not free; you don`t have to come up with a crazy idea to write a masterpiece. Sometimes trivial events observed from your kitchen window can turn into an interesting novel.

1,99$; iPhone and iPad

The Brainstormer

Google Scholar

If you wanna be a pro, this is your best friend. Google knows it all, but only Google Scholar can provide a scientific evidence for all that knowledge. This is a wonderful tool to search for your peer-reviewed articles, get a nice gist of what`s going on in your field of interest, etc. It has also a lot of cool features ignored by most people: library (you can have a systematized collection of your searches), metrics (can give you some stats regarding scientific trends, etc.). You probably don`t have to care about Google Scholar too much while you are still in your first years of college, however you should get to know it better in your 3rd-4th year (not to mention Master`s and PhD).

Google Scholar


A relatively new and very controversial app that can do math for you. You only need to take a picture of the problem (equation) and the app solves it for you. Many teaches argue that PhotoMath is a perfect cheating tool, while the app creators say that it simply assists learning. It all looks like the teachers will have to adapt and come up with more creative and interesting tasks to check their students` knowledge.

Free; iOS, Android app available in early 2015



ProQuest LLC provides numerous services, however if you are serious about writing your own Master`s/PhD thesis you should care only about one: ProQuest theses/research proposals database. This is a great tool to get a very practical idea about topics discussed in your field, how do students approached it before. It can also help you identify the research gap so that you can develop a topic, both new and important. Another positive thing about this sort of databases is that you get a gist of quality of work expected from somebody like you. Google Scholar help you explore work (usually) done by prominent scholars. Unless you plan an academic career you should rather focus on the achievements by your peers instead of Nobel prize winners.

Yahoo Groups

If you have some time on your hands (or maybe are a little bored and like online discussions) this option might be a way to combine both, socializing and paper writing. There are numerous online forums, groups, communities where student from all over the world help each other with their homework. Just keep in mind that the advice given to you usually comes from somebody who is just as qualified as you are. It is nice to brainstorm things together however do not blindly follow the advice you are given.

Your Teacher/Professor

Bottom line is: this is who determines your final grade. Not Google, not even your bright talent, not a homework help app. Try to get a feedback from your tutor early on since this literally is the only way to understand whether you are moving in the right direction with your assignment.

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