The Smartass

Every one of us has met him: he (or she) is in your History class, sitting quietly and waiting to interrupt your politically and historically incorrect narration of the Chapter 3. He is a sheldon cooper of your math class, always getting praised and exemplified. The Smartass is usually very cocky in class and just as shy and uncomfortable at the Freshman party.

The Smart Ass

The Football Star

Big, muscular and sporty. There is often not that much more to it. The Football Star is an easy one to read. Well, maybe too easy.

The Football Star

The Girl Who Kisses Up to The Professor

Not to be confused with The Smartass. The Girl Who Kisses Up to the Professor is a different breed. She does not always know much about the class, however she has a natural talent in psychology. This talent helps her find the right approach to any professor. She will either ask follow up questions or will make sure that the chalk supply never runs low… Girls and boys of this sort make a very simple discovery very early in their life: you do not have to be the smartest or the prettiest one to be likable… And they are quite right. I mean, look at how everybody adores puppies.

Cute Puppie

The Rich Kid

You can tell The Rich Kid by the way he talks, walks and other people look at him. Or her… If you do not have one on your campus you can always follow Rich Kids of the Instagram

The Rich Kid

The Hot Chick

She is just hot and she knows it. All the boys from your class happen to know it as well…


The Hot Guy

He is just hot and he knows it. All the girls from your class happen to know it as well…

The Hot Guy

The Annoying Nerd

Basically this is your regular college nerd that is NOT shy about his/her nerdness. How do you recognize The Annoying Nerd? He or she is always very loud, telling awkward anecdotes, coming up with elaborate and not funny calamburs. As you grow up and move into an adult life, there will be less and less extraordinary and goofy people like that around you. And trust me, you will get fed up by normality. Enjoy the moment!


The Quiet Student

He is just somebody who looks smart but never says a word in the class. He will show up to the party, but he will spend most of the night with his back against the wall. You will probably never going to get to know each other, but if you do you might end up discovering some hidden quiet treasures.


The Hippie Kid

There she is sitting on a green loan: flowers in her hair, smile on her face and love in her heart.


Your Best Friend

These are the friends that will be there for you throughout your life. Things happen, couples break up, kids leave the nest. Best friends just stay in your life and you still understand each other after all these years, growing up, changing jobs and hairstyles…