1. Key board shortcuts: do not fear them, learn them!

When it comes to keyboard shortcuts we all know how to copy/paste something or ask our computer for help (F1, in case you`ve forgotten this one). However there are a lot of other handy key combinations that are going to make your life easier. Here is a top 5 keyboard shortcut list (that very few people use) that are worth memorizing:

• CTRL+Z: Undo
• CTRL+B: Bold
• CTRL+I: Italic
• ALT+TAB: Switch between open programs
• F2: Rename object (for a selected file)

ways to become more productive

2. Use mobile apps to keep track of your agenda

You may be away from your study/work place or your beloved laptop, however you always have your phone with you. Therefore you should take advantage of it and organize your day using some of the cool free apps available on internet. We have already discussed the top lifestyle apps before, feel free to check their advantages and choose the ones that are right for you here.

Smartphone apps infographics

3. Learn Touch Typing

There is no other way to get fast and productive at work or at school. Just do it.

4. Clean your desktop

Do you think that tons of important files on your laptop equal busy schedule and too many assignments? Not really. It probably means you are a little shy about using specific folders in your computer and creating new designated ones. Or you are simply against using a trash can. Whatever the reason, keeping heck lot of files on your desktop slows down your computer and distracts you from doing actual work.

Clean the desktop

5. Log out of Facebook

I have nothing against Facebook. Except for the fact it is not compatible with doing anything useful. Human brain is powerful and capable of processing complex data; however it usually can not handle the work properly when you are whatsapping with your girlfriend, posting a cute cat picture on your friend`s wall while still trying to finish your geography assignment.


6. Get a fast computer

How do you choose a new laptop in the store? Is color an important parameter that can change your mind? Well, if you want to be productive and spend less time on your assignments, check the processor parameters: clock speed, cache size, microprocessor memory and cores number.

fast computer

7. Get a nice antivirus program for your computer

You take a good care of your health, right? You care and spend money on it. So why should this be any different when it comes to your laptop? If you want your computer to live a healthy (=productive) life make sure to install a good antivirus and run regular scans.

more productive

8. Install CCleaner

CCleaner (like many other free software programs) are designed to clean up your computer. This program helps you empty your cache memory, keep track of any software that performs an autorun. To make it short: CCleaner is a free PC optimization tool that will help you speed up your work.


9. Set a desktop background that makes you happy

Have you ever heard about Pavlov? He was a creepy Russian scientist who carried out experiments on dog. Fortunately, any of those horrible experiments are forbidden in the modern day world. Despite of being sadistic and creepy, Pavlov has greatly contributed to our knowledge of physiology and the so-called “conditioned reflex”. He has found out that… Ok, I do not want to bore you any longer: if you work on your assignment (something difficult and annoying) and from time to time take a look at your nice desktop picture (something that makes you happy), in a few week time you will start thinking more positively about your work. Your brain will link the heavy duty (work) to a nice reward (pretty picture). Take home message: choose your desktop picture wisely – it has to be something that your brain will see as a very positive stimulus…


10. Delegate

To be honest you will never have enough time to do everything. This is just how it works. You have to prioritize and delegate. If you feel like studying an employment law of Zanzibar is not going to make your career prospects any brighter – do not waste your time doing that. Spend your time wisely and focus on tasks that will bring you the most result. And our humble (but awesome) Assignmentlab team will be happy to help you with less important but time consuming assignments you come across in your life. Delegate your boring work to us!

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