This winter is almost over. Spring is the time for new beginnings. Mother Nature wakes up from the long sleep, the sun shines bright and the promise of something new and exciting flies in the air. Can you feel that already? For those, who haven’t felt that happy spring mood yet, we prepared 10 ways to welcome spring.

1. Make happy plans

happy plans

Plan your spring or summer vacation, make barbeque plans with your friends, think how you are gonna spend your weekend. Plan something you will really look forward to. Expectation of a pleasant even may be almost as nice as the event itself.

2. Clean and organize

spring clean

Time for spring clean! Throw away old stuff and make your apartment clean and tidy! Clean your desktop and organize your workplace. Clean your windows and let the sunshine fill your room.

3. Consider redecoration


Add new details and colors to the interior of your place. It can be some minor things, like a new rug or curtains or major changes, for instance, a different color of the walls.

4. Take care of your body

take care of your body

Eat well and work out. Consider adding vitamins to your diet. You still have some time to prepare your body for hot weather, when shorts, T-shirts and skirts reveal what was hidden in winter :)

5. Buy new bright clothes


High time to review your wardrobe! Are you ready for spring season? Go to your favorite stores and buy new nice clothes.

6. Spend more time outdoors


Do not stay indoors if the weather is nice and warm. Go biking, walk your pet or do whatever you enjoy.

7. Have some flowers or plants home


Flowers or plants will make your apartment look much cozier.

8.Get a makeover


Spring is a perfect time to make changes in the way you look. It can be anything: new haircut or hair color, a different shade of lipstick or new eyeglass frame.

9. Check out what’s interesting going on in your city

events in the city

Do you know what interesting events are going on in your city in March? Any concerts, festivals or exhibitions? Keep track of those and do not miss anything exciting.

10. Observe beautiful things around you


Instead of looking at your smartphone, look around yourself when you walk on a nice spring day. Birds are singing, trees are blooming and people smile more. Pay attention to little pretty things that surround you.