Truth is we only live once. If you miss cherry blossom this year – oh, well, you still have many more springs ahead of you to go back to the garden where you used to play as a kid and enjoy the trees blooming. However there are things that you should not miss. Once you miss them, they are gone for good and before the humanity invents a time machine you are screwed. Telling your special someone how you feel, taking time to spend with your grandparents can be one of those things. Ok, don`t worry, we are not going to get all sappy and philosophical in this post. But we are going to give you a friendly reminder: there are TONS of cool things happening around you, don`t let the college studies make you miss all the fun. And if you do get overwhelmed with your studies – remember, Assignmentlab is always there to help you with your paper!

1. Ori and the Blind Forest

The game has been released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One earlier in March and so far has received a more than positive feedback. The game, its story and visuals, are truly magic and takes you and Ori, a guardian spirit, on a journey through the forest of Nibel. Honestly, I can`t wait to give this 2D game a try. However be warned: there is a sad twist in the story early on, so have some napkins ready before you start palying.

Ori and The Blind Forest

2. Furious 7

Furious 7 is not to be missed. You have to find a window in your busy schedule and go to see the sequel we have all been waiting for. The movie is supposed to be amazing and besides, this is the last film appearance of Paul Walker.

Furious 7

3. Apple Watch 

The long anticipated device will be available for a pre-order later this week. The smartwatch will come in three different collections (Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition) and the price will range from 350 to 17,000 USD (Wikipedia). The most intriguing question is: can the Apple Watch live up to its expectations? We don`t know but looks like we will find out soon…

Apple Watch in Vogue

4. Brontosaurus is back!

To be honest I still can`t quite get over the news – our old extinct friend, Brontosaurus, is not a taxonomical bogus after all and proudly occupies its very own and unique taxonomic branch on the tree of life  (ScienceDaily). The “Thunder Lizard”, one of the biggest creatures to ever walk the Earth, has long been a subject of a very heated scientific debate. You see, some haters (I really can`t find a better word for them) tried to steal the Brontosaurus` fame and give it to another giant extinct lizard – Apatosaurus (“Illusive Lizard”). Now the truth is restored and our 30m-long friend is back in our hearts and hopefully, when wiki-nerds wake up, in Wikipedia as well.