Some lucky people enjoy sun and vacation now, but not you. You have to think about your THESIS. Yes-yes, all students must face this challenge sooner or later. Are you ready for that? No inspiration? Lack of ideas? Too little time left? No panic! We prepared 5 survival tips for those who find themselves at a loss.

1. Talk to your supervisor

thesis supervisor

Your supervisor must like your topic and approve your methods. It is in your best interests. So go and talk to him/her. Even if you got your proposal approved and nobody asks you to submit anything before the deadline in August or so, bring your drafts and ask for the feedback. The more feedback you get, the better your thesis will be. Any criticism now must be viewed as a chance to improve your final paper. Do not be afraid to seem an annoying student – your supervisor is there to help you.

2. Check samples of the theses that got distinction


Perhaps, your professors have already provided you with the samples of dissertation in your subject. If not, you should definitely ask for one. Nothing inspires more than example of great papers submitted in the past.

3. Choose your sources and methods carefully


Professors pay a lot of attention to the sources and methods you have chosen. They must be relevant and justified. Check previous research to see what methods and literature are considered appropriate for your topic.

4. Make sure you have enough time to proofread your thesis


Proofreading and formatting may take a lot of time. It is often a matter of days. So do not wait until the last minute. It is a shame to lose points because of spelling mistakes.

5. Ask for help


If you do not think you can cope with your dissertation alone, Assignment Lab Team will be happy to help you. We can guide you through the whole process – from selecting an appropriate topic to submitting a completed dissertation. Let our experts handle it for you!