Exams are coming, and that’s what all the students seem to talk about. “I am afraid that I will fail my Finance course”, “Have you heard that the failure rate last year was more than 20%?”, “I do not think that it is possible to get a distinction. Our professor is very strict”… Yes-yes, we all fear. How can we cope with exam anxiety and do our best when that important day comes? Here are several simple pieces of advice that can help a student get through this stressful period.

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1. Prepare well before the exam. Define what “well-prepared” means to you.

Yes, it sounds as an obvious recommendation. But what is “prepare well”? No matter how much I read and revised before the exam, I always felt that it was not enough. Then I decided to make a detailed plan for preparation. I promised myself that if I managed to revise a planned part every day, I would not blame myself for the bad preparation later. It worked! I felt well prepared when the exam came.


2. Practice the old exam questions

Ask your professor to give you several old exam questions. Perhaps, you have exam style questions already. Go through them and get your answers marked. Remember: practice makes perfect.

exam questions in focus

3. Talk with people

Talk to your friends and participate in study groups. Come to see your professor during his office hours, discuss your concerns and ask for clarifications if needed. Do not stay depressed in your room fighting with fear and headache. You are not alone in your exam preparation.


4. Avoid pessimistic students

Avoid and ignore classmates that are making sad predictions or complain of failing all the time. They can hardly make you feel better about your exams. Yes, they are right, there are a lot of information, and it is difficult to remember everything. But who said that you should know everything? Just to do your best you can and let the fate decide.


5. Imagine how nice you will feel when exams are over

Think about your summer vacation. Imagine the sun, the beach and parties. Put yourself into a positive frame of mind!