It is so easy to enjoy St Valentine’s Day if you have a sweetheart. It is all about chocolate, flowers, kisses, cute cards, romantic dinner and little surprises. Your only trouble is to buy a nice gift for your beloved one. For single people, of course, it is not like that at all. They tend to hate this holiday. Well, at least I did. Seeing all those happy couples holding hands, smiling and carrying flowers just made me sad. I felt left out and miserable. If you’re single and feel the same way, you may find the following survival tips useful.

1.Do NOT go to the cinema or restaurant


Avoid places full of happy celebrating couples. Seeing them will just make you feel worse.

2. Do NOT check fb or Instagram


Do you want to see what present your friend got from his gf? Are you curious where he is taking her for a dinner? Do you want to see photos of kissing and cuddling people and read all those “I love babe” posts? To me checking fb or Instagram on St. Valentine’s Day sounds like a masochistic activity. Just do not do that unless you want to feel sorry for yourself for the rest of the day.

3. Pamper yourself

Pamper Yourself

Go to the spa and have a massage. Play your favorite computer games. Buy some fancy food. Do whatever makes you happy. That evening is just meant for little guilty pleasures.

4.Buy something nice for yourself


Shopping may be a good idea. Some girls buy flowers and chocolate for themselves. For me that would not work. However, some nice cardigan, interesting book or even a big piece of my favorite cheese would. Buy something that can distract you from sad thoughts about being single. Online shopping is a wise choice if you do not want to go to those crowded shopping centers, full of hearts and teddy bears.

5. Have a dinner with friends or family.

happy dinner

Even if you do not have a sweetheart, there are still many loving people around you. Spend your evening with them. Be with someone who can make you laugh.

6. Exchange little presents or cards


Exchanging little presents or cards with friends or colleagues may brighten your day. It is very important to feel appreciated.

7. Remember that you are not alone

not alone

Millions of people all around the world are single on that day. For many of them things will change next year. You never know when and where you will meet your special one. So, good luck to you, and lots of love from AssignmentLab team! :)