Many factors determine your chances of getting a good job. Headhunters of top companies are looking for smart and hardworking people, who can demonstrate talents in various fields, prove their leadership qualities, show initiative and handle numerous responsibilities well. Your CV must speak for you. For those who hope to find an amazing job right after graduation, we prepared the list of 7 things to do at college to improve your CV.

1. Become a member of a society or association


Join societies and associations related to your field of study. You are likely to find them at your college. However, it would be nice if you searched beyond it as well. Being a member of such a society, you can attend meetings and get to know professionals, start building a network and increase your professional awareness. Alternatively, you can join clubs not related to any particular field of study, for instance, a debating club. Anyway, it will enhance your CV.

2. Be a tutor

Melanie Keefer, senior math education major, assisting Whitney Silbaugh, a sophomore at Iroquois High School, with geometry. Spring 2010. Photo by John Fontecchio.

Tutoring junior students or peer-tutoring looks excellent in your CV. It shows that you are smart, responsible and willing to help others. If you like some subject, feel knowledgeable and able to advise other students, become a tutor!

3. Do not forget about sport


Headhunters are likely to be interested in your hobbies and extracurricular activities. Achievements in sport will present you in the most favorable light. Firstly, sport teaches us to be a member of the team, and that is very important. Secondly, sport strengthens your will and makes your more competitive. Finally, employees with healthy lifestyles are perceived as more responsible.

4. Get involved in volunteering and charity work


Volunteering and charity work will show that you do your best to contribute to society and make the world around at least a tiny bit better. Responsible people willing to make a change are always valued.

5. Try to get an internship or part-time job


Internships or part-time jobs may provide you with invaluable experience in your field of interest. Experience is never overrated. Besides, ability to combine job and studies will demonstrate that you are good at time-management.

6. Have a list of projects


Projects show that you are able to implement in practice what you have learned at college. Keep a track of all your projects and be ready to explain your role in them.

7.Try to win a scholarship, award or grant


There are so many contests and competitions you can participate in, so many scholarships to apply for! Prove your employer that you have been born to be a winner!