You might or might not be celebrating the International Women`s day (8th of March) however you have to agree that being a woman still is a big challenge in modern society. The fact that somebody carries two “X” chromosomes determines a lot of things in their life: type of clothes they will be wearing, family role they will play and even their place in the organization they will end up working for. Being a woman up to this day usually means that you have to go this extra mile to unlock doors always wide open for men. We have decided to remind you of inspirational women who did something to change it and left their footprint in history. Enjoy!

Marie Sklodowska-Curie

A Nobel Prize winner, professor of the University of Paris, volunteer during the World War I. It was Marie Curie who conducted the pioneering studies of radioactivity, discovered polonium (named after her native Poland) and won two Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics. The deadly effects of radiation were not known at those times and Marie was working exposing herself to radioactive elements for decades, until her death in 1934. Genius scientist, innovative practitioner and loving mother, Curie has opened the path for generations of female scientists.



The girl from Mississippi, named after the biblical character, made it to the top. Oprah became the host of the most popular TV show, an inspiration figure for people all over the world, a business woman and a philanthropist.


Alyssa Carson

It has always been about them, dreamers. People who have their vision and do not believe in obstacles. Them, outcasts, “hungry”, adventurous and crazy. Alyssa Carson is one of them; a teenager from Louisiana, who has always dreamt of becoming an astronaut and is now pursuing a dream of being one of the first humans to land on Mars, twenty years from now.




Cleopatra was the last ruling pharaoh of the Ancient Egypt. Bright politician, canning diplomat and a charismatic woman, she was known for having a number of affairs with Roman rulers, Julius Caesar among them.

Inspirational women

Malala Yousafzai

Malala is the Pakistani activists who became the youngest Nobel Prize laureate because of one thing: she believes girls need to go to school just as much as boys. Does not seem very significant or worth high honors? Think again. Malala grew up in the area where Taliban groups have banned girls from attending schools. In 2012 the girl boarded the bus on her way to school. The gunman fired three bullets at Malala. One of them went straight through her face. The girl remained in critical condition for days. After rehabilitation she continued education and struggle for women rights in her native land and abroad.