There comes a time in life of every one of us when we ask ourselves: what am I going to do in life? We choose a college and major depending on what we love to study, or depending on what will make our mom and dad happy. These choices will affect our life, determine our career path and maybe will make us happy or not.
So how do you decide what your career path is going to be once you are already in college?

Do an internship

Imagine an internship as a simulation of a real work environment. Try to get most out of your experience: decide whether the office atmosphere is for you, figure out if you are a team player or enjoy working independently. Try to get most out of this opportunity and make it something bigger than one sentence in your CV. Talk to your temporary colleagues, ask them to share their experiences and stories.



Take your time

Don`t stress it. Your friend already has 5 years of experience in working for an international corporation? Your brother knew whom he was going to be since he was 5? Be happy for them. Work for a giant company might be something that makes other people happy, but maybe it is just not your thing. And your brother most likely is a nerd. Remember, this is your life, your choice and you are free to make it when time is right.


Ask Charlie

Teens summon deamon(s) by using two pencils to get an answer to the burning question. You do not take demon Charlie seriously? Well, we understand. Consider summoning demons a metaphor. Sometimes your answer lies beyond rational, beyond logic. You need to hear your inner voice and follow your heart.