I would like to start this post by being a captain obvious: writing an essay is very different from bicycle riding. Hard to argue with that, isn`t it? Well, what I am trying to say is that there are skills that everybody can learn (there comes the bike riding, swimming, etc.) and there are these things you have to have a talent for. Just like with painting – you can learn as much theory as you want, practice day and night, and yet never become a good painter. Skills that involve creativity and require predisposition, such as singing, painting and writing, are hard to master if you are not a born artist… However starting from our early childhood, all of us are being challenged and forced to practice writing at school, and later in college, regardless of whether we are any good at it or plan to become a hemingway… Is it possible to write a nice essay even if you hate writing? We plan to give you 3 simple rules you should follow to always score A or B in your class.

Captain Obvious

1. Back to essay basics

I truly believe that most of the problems people and humankind in general have to deal with come from misunderstanding. It is too often we speak different languages, do not listen to each other or, worst of all, assume we know what other`s motivation is… Most of the low grades are a result of the student misunderstanding or not following the initial requirements. Not sure what to do? Read the instructions as many times as you need before even thinking of writing… Do not know what does professor want from you? Ask them! Send them an email, suggest your idea, ask for a feedback. You will: a) get your answer; b) earn the reputation of somebody who cares…

Ron Swanson

2. Nice and clear

Simplicity is the key to success. No need to use complex terms you do not understand yourself or build a labyrinth of shady arguments. Divide your paper into 3 clear parts: introduction, body of arguments and conclusions. Make sure your introduction presents the topic of interest and explains its importance and relevance, end your introduction with a nice and strong statement sentence – main idea of your research. Argument you are going to prove in your body of paper part. It is handy to present your arguments one by one, making sure that one paragraph contains 3-5 sentences and ONE idea. As for conclusions, they are there to sum up your main findings. Don`t make a common mistake of adding new arguments and ideas into your conclusions instead of going back to your initial statement and rounding up your work.

Nice and clear

3. Do not postpone your work till the last moment

It is never the right time for working on your assignment, you have a busy life: school, friends, family, work, your dog, a loved one, Floyd Mayweather boxing match, Mother`s Day, you name it. The later you start working on your essay, the more difficult it is going to be to finish it and do a good job on it. Our advice is: start early and get a high score in your class!